We're a couple of cats doing what we can to help people make the best damn music they can.


Our goal is to be able to help artists at every stage of the process. We have experience at every level of music making, from writing and scoring, to tracking, mixing, and mastering, to producing and paperwork. We've accumulated the knowledge needed to take projects from start to finish and we want to help other cats do it too.

We've been building out Analog Rock Machine Studio for a couple years now, and have added Nanoweber Records and Publishing to help with representation, promotion, and online distribution.



Full Service with a grungy motif, our studio offers a approx 300 sq feet live room with 12 foot ceilings, and 24 inputs.  


Editing and mixing capabilities with a variety of plug ins, and analog gear to tickle anyone's eardrums all nice like and what have you.


Give us your music. We put it through the churn of our machines.

Artists Associated with Analog Rock Machine Studio

Artists Represented by Nanoweber Records