What We Do

There’s a lot of music going on in Hawaii that doesn’t get noticed because cats either don’t know how to get their recordings out to the world, or paperwork done, or don’t have the money and time to get their marketing and distribution together.

We totally get this.

It’s hard working full time, or even two or three jobs, then getting a band together and set up right. That’s what Nanoweber Records was founded to help with.

We’re not going to take some unknown kid and groom them to be the next Bieber or anything. We’re even keeping things as easy and non-exclusive as possible. That cut throat stuff’s for corporate fat cats, we don’t have time to be taking advantage of the musicians who are just as broke as we are. What we do is help the cats in our music scene get their paperwork together so they can start seeing royalties from performing rights organizations. We help get their copyright paperwork filed so they have legitimate protection for their work. We help with online distribution not just through our website, but on Spotify and iTunes and all that jazz. If they’re a boss band or artist who’s just hella broke then we work with them to figure out a fair deal that gets their music made without breaking the bank. We help promote their work to a global audience, because as much as Hawaii is home, the goal is always to get your music out to a global audience.

We also would like to open up our shop to musicians who aren’t under our label but want another place to sell their music and merch. The more the merrier, and the lower we can keep the percentages we take from every sale, leaving as much money in the hands of the artists as possible.

At the end of the day, we’re musicians as well, and this whole thing is as much to allow us to get our own paperwork in order too. While we’re at it, we might as well help out the cats who don’t know how.

So that’s basically the goal. To allow cats to make their music successfully without having to move away to do it.