Analog Rock Machine Studio is located in the old Blaisdell Hotel in the heart of Honolulu's Chinatown. With both full analog tape, and digital recording capabilities, it is a studio that strives to provide as wide and adaptable a sound to each project that comes through its doors.

Analog Rock Machine has the capability to do, full band tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing, and mastering sessions. Projects that need help at any point in the production process can be brought in and our engineers will be happy to asses the needs and wants of the project and tailor a plan of action that brings that project to completion.


We have a split line analog mixing console, modern 24 channel digital recording set up, and a working 24 channel Studer A827 tape machine, an Otari MX55 master 2 track, and another 8 channel Tascam 38 tape machine, the make and model of which escapes me right now, but it works too.

Not only do we have access to these different recording mediums, but they all can, and have been used in conjunction in a variety of ways to suit the style and production methods of different projects. It's been pretty cool seeing different projects emerge in different forms because of the choice to track fully to tape and bounce down just to mix, or to get a tracks exactly the way an artist wants it with digital editing then run it through tape for tone.

We have microphones and instruments and stuff too. Nothing to shake a stick at, but enough to track some cool music for cool cats, and we're working to expand our collection of mics and outboard gear every chance we get.



We have the capability to mix analog up to 52 channels through our board, and however many channels you want with our digital system. We have a variety of Waves, UAD, and many more weird and fun plugins to get all kinds of weird stuff out of your audio in a mix.

Or experience is primarily with Indie and Rock music, but have worked in Metal, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Slack Key, Traditional Hawaiian, Contemporary Hawaiian and then some. We aim for Analog Rock Machine to be a versatile studio with the ability to accommodate any and all kinds of genres.



We have mastering capabilities and have been known to help master a track or two when the situation arises. We have a variety of programs, plug ins, and hardware, as well as the listening apparatus and ears and brains to help polish a track as needed.