Christopher Chorney Credits

  • Producer Credits

    DUNES - Sleepwalking - Co-Producer

    Already Sweaty - Single - Co-Producer

    The Groovees - The Groovees - Producer

    Haole Kid Local Boy - No Better Place to Be - Co-Producer

  • Engineering Credits

    DUNES - Sleepwalking - Head Engineer

    Already Sweaty - Single - Head Engineer

    The Groovees - The Groovees - Head Engineer

    Haole Kid Local Boy - No Better Place to Be - Head Engineer

    Playing For Change/Mana Mele Video Shoots - Assistant Engineer

  • Musician Credits

    Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Cello

    Jay Z and Kanye West - Watch the Throne - Cello

    Big Sean - Finally Famous - Cello

    Kanye West Presents Good Music - Cello

    Kanye West - Yeezus - Cello

    Brad Kawakami - Untitled Record not released yet - Cello

    DUNES - Sleepwalking - Cello, Background Vocal

    Tavana - Aloha Spirit - Cello

    Alternative HI Compilation Album - Bass, Guitar, Vocal

    Mike Love - The Change I’m Seeking - Cello

    The Groovees - Bass, Lead and Background Vocals, Guitar, Various Instruments

    Sing the Body - Contrast - Cello

    Corey Fujimoto - Fables - Cello

    KUMZ - Lilt of Rain - Cello

  • Awards and Notable Nominations

    Played on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which won a Grammy

    Played on Watch the Thrown which was nominated for a Grammy

    Played on Yeezus which was nominated for a Grammy

Lock Lynch Credits

  • Producer Credits Chronologically

    Stephen Inglis - Soul Sound Slack - Producer

    Joni Llamedo - Years in the Breaking - Co-Producer

    Christie Brooke - Oops Single - Co-Producer

    Aphesis - Isochronism - Co-Producer

    Video, Film, and Other Credits Chronologically

    Audible Audio Book “Olivia-My Life of Exile in Kalaupapa” 2016 - Sound Engineer

    Mana Mele - Hawaii Aloha Youtube Video - Onsite Tracking Engineer, Editing Engineer

    Lyman Museum - Sound Installation Design Engineer

    Mana Mele - Island Style and Oiwi E Youtube Video - Onsite Tracking, Mastering Engineer

    Escape The Movie - Music Supervisor, Composer

    Engineering Credits Chronologically

    Painted Highways - Primary Engineer

    Kawena - Salty Kisses - Assistant Engineer

    I Soul Jah - Assisted

    Navid Najafi - Illnomadic - Assisted

    Mana Maoli vo.4 - Tracking Engineer (two tracks)

    John Davis - Drum Tracking Engineer

    Saving Cadence - Assistant Producer

    Alternative Hawaii Compilation - Tracking Engineer

    Piranha Brothers - Blinding Speed of Trust  - Engineer

    Bill Griffin - Cache Valley Drifters Live in Germany - Remastering Engineer

    Kenneth Makuakane - Kamehameha Schools 125th anniversary Compilation - Tracking Engineer

    Manoa Madness - Tracking Engineer

    Shar - EP - Tracking Engineer

    Koexis - Primary Engineer

    Stef Muzic - This Wave - Engineer

    Stephen Inglis and Gavan Daws - Demos - Engineer

    Intire Project - Change In Tides - Engineer

    Keoki Carter - Red Wine and Blue Skies - Assistant Engineer

    Saloon Pilots - Engineer

    Oil In the Alley - Sacred Snail - Mixing Mastering Engineer

    Mano Kane - Wake Up - Tracking Engineer

    Manu Boyd - Mele ‘Ailana - Mele Ailana - Tracking Engineer

    Mike Love - Change I’m seeking - Mix Engineer and Assistant Tracking Engineer

    Kailua Bay Buddies - Choice is Yours - Tracking Engineer

    Erika Elona - Engineer

    Candy Diaz - Engineer

    Alex Purring - Engineer

    Seasons Greetings from Soul Sound Vol. 2 - Primary Engineer

    Evasive Species Live from Soul Sound - Engineer

    Jade Summers - Tracking Engineer

    Lisa Gomes - Tracking Mixing Mastering Engineer

    Stephen Inglish - Soul Sound Slack - Tracking and Mixing Engineer

    Roothub - Taking My Time - Tracking and Mixing Engineer

    Joni Llamedo - Years in the Breaking - Tracking Mixing Mastering Engineer

    13th Legion - Alea Iacta Est - Tracking Mixing Mastering Engineer

    Aidan James - Echos - Mix Engineer (three songs)

    EMKE - Edit Undo - Mix Engineer (three songs)

    Christie Brooke - Oops - Tracking Mixing and Mastering Engineer

    Ho’okena - Ho’okena 3.0 - Mastering Engineer

    Go Jimmy Go - A Hui Hou 20th Anniversary Live Show - Mastering Engineer

    Aphesis - Isochronism - Mixing and Mastering Engineer

    The Groovees - The Groovees - Mastering Engineer

    Kumz 2018 Album - Mastering Engineer

    Hell Caminos Upcoming Album - Engineer

    Humble Soul Upcoming Album - Engineer

    Thunderstorm Artis Upcoming Album - Engineer

    Awards and Notable Nominations

    Mastered Ho’okena 3.0 which was nominated for a Grammy

    1 Na Hoku Hanohano award for The Akira Project, local LP release

    3 Na Hoku Hanohano award Nominations for “The Amp Compilation,” “Soul Sound Slack” by

    Stephen Inglis, and an engineering nomination for Kailua Bay Buddies’ “Choice is Yours.”