Cello Tracking

Christopher Chorney is an accomplished cellist, having played in multiple symphonies and recorded on many recordings, including a couple that won Grammys. We have the capabilities at Analog Rock Machine Studio to be able to record cello parts for your production no matter where you are in the world! Let us know what kind of parts you’re looking for and we can help dial in those cello lines you were always hearing on a track but couldn’t figure out how to get just right.

We’ll be putting up few examples of his work as soon as I figure out how to do that.


Drum and Percussion Tracking

Lock Lynch has been playing drums and percussion for a long time. He’s played on a variety of recordings but isn’t as cool as Chorney with his Grammy projects and all that stuff that he’s totally not jealous about at all, seriously, he promises, for real, he’s not crying you’re crying!

Jokes aside he’s experienced with percussion and drum set in a variety of styles ranging from jazz to rock to orchestral to funk to indie to latin hand percussion. He’s the one writing this and is going to stop now before it feels like he’s feeding his ego entirely too much.

We’ll be putting up some examples of my work as soon as I figure out how to do that.